My 1993 Honda VFR 750F

Y2K mirrors

SS lines

Corbin saddle

Hi-Vis Stich

Year 2000 mirrors are a great improvement from the originals. However, at least with this screen, washers are needed to shim the screen outward to prevent a gap under the mirror base.
Bought new in 11/93, still in pretty good shape despite a few dumps. Most bodywork has been replaced. Dunlop D207's front and rear.
Other mods include a custom mounted NWS hugger, amber euro rear turn signals, FIAM horn (hornS soon), fender bob, stiffer straight rate front springs from Lindemann Eng, and a MRA sport/touring windscreen.
Glaffer (via TBR+direct Glaffer support) front & rear brake and clutch lines. Front lines are tie wrapped to what used to be the front side reflector mount. The horn bracket was removed and the SS lines anchored in an identical fashion to one bolt and the horn directly to the other.
The ballistic patches are dark purple (at least with a sunlight, D65 or warmer monitor white point) and the suit generally looks brighter in person. No power ranger would be properly accessorized of course without a gold iridium face shield.
Corbin "carbon fiber look" leather saddle in black with no pipping along the seams.